Camera gear

Lens Kit


My lens options include prime, telephoto and zoom lenses. Although the 24-240mm is my goto lens, I like to challenge myself from time to time. Each lens has strengths and weaknesses. Look for future blog posts where I will show results from capturing images in the field. Here is a brief run down of my inventory.


Prime Lens options

Tamron 20mm - Ultra wide with 4.3 inch minimum optical distance.

Tamron 24 mm - Wide angle - mainly landscape

Lensbaby Burnside 35mm - Very fun lens, manual only cleans your soul. 

Sony 50mm (Macro) - Nifty fifty all purpose including macro. 

Sony 85mm - awesome portrait lens, but I can do so much more! 

Sony 90mm (Macro) - Top notch macro lens, but I like getting this lens outside of its comfort zone. 


Telephoto and Zoom


Sony 16-35mm - My widest angle lens with 16mm, I should use this more, but why don't I? 

Sony 24-240mm - My work horse - all types of shots with this one lens. 

Tamron 150-600mm - I also have a 1.4x Teleconverter to extend this to 840mm. My zoom goto lens. Great for moon and astro. 

My primary camera is the Sony A7RIII mirrorless camera. It has a full frame sensor with 42 megapixels.  This is a full featured camera that is great for outdoor photography. I can quickly switch between landscape and animal shots. The dynamic range of the camera is great for sunrise or sunset pictures.